With the help of Raghu batteries and solar consulting an highly technical and marketing strategical consultant Anurag bhatnagar help’s  to control all the big plan of each big entreprenuers with their core study about all topic of power like batteries, lithium, Electric vechicle design,solar power via panel,solar optimization study and phenomenol about MPPT and PWM. And well studied about DSP sinewave technology.

They are very fast about to transit any technology in our company. The future plan are very Big we cant explain without any success waiting for good launch up each and every day.


Mr.Shakti bhatnagar is a brilliant Accounting head of Raghu batteries corporations that have a good efficiency in account management process. And awarded by Mr. Wayne phillips director of Clifford chancellor.


Mr. Vikas bhatnagar (Ajeet)The Big hold in the company as a controller of every each customer technical solution also help to build whole infrastructure of company and every point of product development process.Specially he is elder brother of Anurag and Shakti.

Mr.Anurag Bhatnagar


Mr.Shakti Bhatnagar

Accounts Head

Mr.Vikas Bhatnagar

Operations Head